Anonymous asked: You still do M!A only?

((If the question is ‘do I still accept magic anons’ then yes, I still do. Sometimes I just don’t activate them because I don’t have a lot of asks in the box(which is more or less how it is right now).

Either that or I’m just not feeling the magic, haha.))

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tao-trio asked: ahhh thanks that helps a ton <3 I was thinking of making a gal mew who works as a wandering desert trader. So i was planning on making her more antisocial and cold but good at heart and kind to those who manage to befriend her. ;w;

Aaah that’s a neat idea! I’ll be looking out for her then uvu))

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odin-the-lucario asked: How often do you use Skype?

(( -shrugs- I usually just hang until someone decides to start conversation or vice versa. Anyone who’s on my skype now can attest to that.

I’m not really one to keep up small talk though, haha.))

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tao-trio asked: Hey uhm, i'm thinking about making a mew character of my own. Is there any tips accessory or personality wise you recommend? ;w;

Pfff make a Mew character like you’d made any other character, go with what you feel is right! There is no right or wrong in regards to design. You don’t have to make them a carbon copy or a special snowflake; make them interesting in their own regard!

In terms of personality, go with what you feel is right! Want to play a Mew’s stereotypical personality? Make it interesting, maybe that cheery act is a show? Maybe they’re just batshit insane? Or maybe they’re just young? Play with the idea.

Or maybe they’re similar to Luci here in terms of personality: quiet, antisocial, and stubborn? Or maybe they’re like Wen: cynical, blunt, and arrogant? Really just go with anything. If you can make it work, you’ve already succeeded! ))

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Anonymous asked: You never thought about having a female character?

No there are female characters in concept for this blog, they’ve just not been introduced yet.

In general, yes I have female characters. My old PMD blog had 4 or 5 of them and I have a few OCs as well. Though you’d know that if you actually checked out my personal :1))

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Anonymous asked: you will someday delete your tumblr?

This one? Nah, not unless some jerk decides to start reposting my things without giving me credit. Then I might just consider it.

Otherwise no, I mean so many people already follow and I don’t want to strip this away from them without good reason.))

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Anonymous asked: Have you had any previous encounters with humans before?

"Take a wild guess."


"I meant nothing of the ‘predetermined’ stuff, I meant like…destiny as in meeting the people who change your life; a destined meeting, if you will."

He rolled his eyes, "You do realize that falls into the “predetermined” category, right? The meaning of destiny itself is “events that are predetermined.” “ 

"Regardless, the answer is still the same. If anything about me changes, it’s from my own doing. Nothing more, nothing less. Get that through your thick, steel-typed skull.”

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"I don’t believe in that nonsense that others spew about “everything being predetermined”, “ he replied, red eyes narrowing, "If anyone’s forming my destiny, it’s me and me alone. That’s all there is to it.”

He scoffed, giving the other a mocking grin, “Honestly, if you believe in anything else, you have my pity.”

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Anonymous asked: why Nero left?

((He never “left”. Why he isn’t present right now is because:

a)He’s in Unova. Wen and Luci here are currently in Sinnoh.

b) He’s not relevant to the plot at this time.))